Wider Professional Practice Task 2

Topics: Literacy, Learning, Functional illiteracy Pages: 4 (1176 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Wider Professional Practice (Part 2)

The purpose of this assignment is to review recommendations on various educational policies for improving learner’s performance and determine if what’s mentioned on paper is relevant and realistically transferable to the classroom environment. Over the years several policies and reports have been produced all making various recommendations. Such publications include: Moser Report (1999), Success for all (2002), Every Child Matters (2004), Tomlinson Report (2005), Leitch Report (2006), Future Education: Raising Skills, Improving Life Chances (2006), Raising Expectations Education & Skills Act (2008), Models for Success (2009), Skills for Life (2009). Can the solution for improving learner’s performance simply lie within these policies? Why is there even a need for such policies to exist? The answer is relatively straight forward, over the years there has been an increasing amount of adults exhibiting low skills, in particular relating to numeracy and literacy. In comparison to our European counterparts the UK is lagging behind. Overall the result of adults with low skills is an increasing amount of people working in unskilled jobs or no job at all, making the UK vulnerable in terms of economic growth and development. In 2004 Sandy Leitch was commissioned by the government to undertake a review of the UKs long term skills. The Leich review recognised that although the UK has substantially improved its education, employment and skill rates over the years, it’s still a mountain to climb if we wanted to be on par with our European counterparts. According to Leitch (2006: The Leitch Review Summary) “we have considerable weaknesses. More than one third of adults do not hold the equivalent of a basic school-leaving qualification. Almost half of adults are not functionally numerate and one 6th are not functional literate. This is worse than our principle comparator nations.” To achieve what Leitch refers to as ‘Target World...

References: The Lietch Review Summary (2006) A roadmap directing UK towards world class skills by 2020 – online
Skills for Life: Execute Summary (2009)
The Tomlinson Report (2005) 14 – 19 Curriculum and qualification reform
Moser Report (1999) Summary and Recommendations
Raising Skills, Improving Life Chances: Execute Summary (2005) 14 – 19 Education and Skills
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