What has gone wrong with us as a nation (Pakistan)

Topics: Pakistan, Education, Indus River Pages: 3 (1200 words) Published: November 19, 2013
What has gone wrong with us as a nation?
The nation that was formed several years ago in 1947 is definitely not the nation we are today. Back in 1947 there was a nation in search of land and today there is a land in search of a nation. We are facing different types of problems today for example social, political and economic problems. There are many problems that have contributed towards our downfall. The question that arises is that why and how are these problems taking birth? What has gone wrong with us as a nation? Farming is Pakistan's largest economic activity. Although there is agricultural activity in all areas of Pakistan, most crops are grown in the Indus River plain in Punjab and Sind. However, the country is still far from realizing the large potential yield that the well-irrigated and fertile soil from the Indus irrigation system could produce. About 60 percent is often classified as unusable for forestry or agriculture as it mainly consists mostly of deserts, mountain slopes, and urban settlements. The scant rainfall over most of the country makes about 80 percent of cropping dependent on irrigation. Lands largely in northern Punjab and the Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa are totally dependent on rainfall. The exact amounts of water wasted have not been determined, but studies suggest that losses are considerable and perhaps amount to one-half of the water entering the system. Even greater amounts are probably lost because farmers use water whenever their turn comes even if the water application is detrimental to their crops. The attitude among almost all farmers is that they should use water when available because it may not be available at the next scheduled turn. Moreover, farmers have little understanding of the most productive applications of water during crop-growing cycles because of the lack of research and extension services. Perhaps the greatest loss comes in the area of education. Whether or not this is a direct result of Pakistan's economic...
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