Week 4 EasiYo Case Study

Topics: Food safety, Food quality, Management Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: March 22, 2015


Managing change and diversity at EasiYo
Auckland, EasiYo enables over a million
homes in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Italy
and China to enjoy fresh yoghurt every day of
the year. It supports home production through
the supply of powdered bases and culture
and a plastic incubator in which the yoghurt
Paul O'Brien joined the company as CEO
in December 2009 and has overseen sales
growth of around 30 per cent a year, on
the way to a target of sales in excess of $50
million to 20 plus countries. It is part of the
New Zealand success in dairy products but
for EasiYo business growth has also been
about managing the transition from humble
beginnings into a multinational enterprise
with a product that relies on strict compliance
to high standards of food quality and safety.
EasiYo started in the early 1990s as a
husband and wife team working from their
garage. The business succeeded through
research and development, firstly into yoghurt
making, then finding the right milk powder
and freeze-dried culture to ensure 100 per
cent setting of the incubated yoghurt at home.
Partnership with the Westland Dairy
Company, who purchased the company
outright soon after Paul O'Brien took charge,
gave EasiYo R&D capacity. Recent growth
has been based on marrying corporate
management with the strengths inherited
from the original family business. Paul joined

a company that had grown rapidly with NZ$25
million sales, three quarters from exports, but
lacking in the formal management systems
to maintain high performance and build a
platform for continued growth.
Paul's first four days with the company
were unusual for a CEO. He spent them
working on the shop floor, introduced to the
production team as just another recruit. This
experience combined with his early period in
the manager's office led to two main
observations: management needed to be
more measurement based; the workforce...
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