Waste and Energy Paper

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Waste and Energy Paper

Source of Paper, Mercury, & and Coal

To begin, Paper products are the largest causes of fossil fuels in the world. Almost everything humans use on a daily basis contains some sort of paper product, whether its cereal boxes, parking tickets, toilet paper, shopping bags, store receipts, food containers were all created by timber. The problem is by cutting down the timber to make these everyday products that greenhouse gas emissions are being released in the atmosphere. Also, to make that paper there are toxic chemicals, chlorine compounds, and other toxic ingredients must be mixed and that adds to the greenhouse gas emissions that make a deadly concoction to our planet. Deforestation is the result of the timber industry that is used to create the paper products. (Shapley, 10.2.2007). Coal is the number one producer of electricity. It is a combustible organic rock that is made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Coal is mined in two different ways which are underground and surface mines. Coal makes a lot of things but the most popular things it makes are electricity, steel, cement, and liquid fuels. It’s the cheapest way to make power but also the dirtiest. It produces more than 80% of all power plant carbon emissions that is very bad to the atmosphere; it causes acid rain, smog, makes drinking water toxic and cancer. ("Coal", n.d.). Mercury is a silent, deadly poison. It is natural and is found in air, water, rocks and even soil. It becomes dangerous when it goes airborne and that can come from Power plants, volcanoes and many factories. If it gets into water systems, it can cause death to anyone and anything that drinks it. Mercury is found in insecticides, disinfectants, rubber floors, jewelry, footwear and many things humans come in contact with everyday. Mercury waste gets into water by forms of rain runoff, irrigation systems and so forth which make the water it touches toxic and can cause reduced reproduction, slow growth, lowers cognitive ability and can affect the kidneys, liver, and immune system and death. ("What Is Mercury? “ 2009). Effects of Paper, Mercury, & Coal on Soil & Water

Pollution is known to be anything put into an environment that is harmful. Mercury is a form of hazardous pollution because it goes in the air then can be spread by acid rains infecting water ways and drinking water. For those that eat the infected aquatic life can get respiratory diseases, birth defects, and even death. The effects of paper waste are that many wildlife species end up starving to death because the plants they depend on are gone. There are no trees after deforestation to protect the ecosystem so the soil loses its nutrients and can’t sustain the species there. Coal mining is devastating to land and air and water because when coal is burned it puts out carbon dioxide in the air, then the sulfur and mercury end up polluting the water and soil. In order to mine, the trees must be removed which causes many wildlife species to get their homes destroyed then gives them no place to live in. It also creates smog and humans many diseases such as lung cancer. ("Coal: Extraction and Energy Production Impacts on Birds", 2010).

Effects of Paper, Mercury, & Coal on Environment
As paper builds up into trash, it has the affect of producing a large amount gases which go into the air and water. There are numerous amount of hazardous waste that comes from mercury and into our water supply. This can pose a harmful threat to the human health, our environment and the evolution of our species on Earth. Also, the coal mines and the industrial industry produce an extreme amount of mercury that is released into our atmosphere and which contributes to the carbon dioxide emissions and water pollution. As for the impact of coal, it has been in combustion for several decades and is one of the foremost contributors of global warming. Emissions from coal-fired power plants are the largest...
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