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E1-E2- childcare provisions
There are lots of different settings that provide care and education in my area for children and young people including statutory, voluntary and private sectors.

Statutory settings are funded by the government. These have to be available by law. A statutory setting is given a set curriculum by the government that have to be adhered too. In Wales the curriculum used is called the Foundation Phase. Children from the age of 5-7 years old are taught this specific curriculum.”Statutory services are usually free of charge. A good example is this is a school. The government is legally obliged to provide schools for children to pay money to local authority or in some cases directly to the school for their running” (Tassoni etal, 2010, pg 4). An example of a statutory setting in my area is a school. Schools provide a range of subjects in education for children from the age of 5-16 years old. A school opens from 9 o clock in the morning until 3.15 in the afternoon. All children must attend school to receive the education they need and is free to everyone. The school will provide a safe environment for all the children to learn for example bullying and bad behaviour will not be tolerated as the other children won’t feel safe. Primary schools provide trained staff that can deal with children who need a bit more help or with additional needs. Schools will also offer support to parents by having parent’s evenings, phone calls or one to one meetings if they have a problem and they need to speak to a staff member they are always available.

Voluntary setting is a childcare setting which is funded by different charities and the community. Voluntary settings help children interact with others outside of school and they are there so they can just enjoy themselves in a safe and harm free environment.” These services provided by organisations such as charities where some or all of their funding come from donations” (Tassoni etal, 2010,...
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