Treating Boys and Girls Alike

Topics: School, Education, Educational psychology Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Parents should treat boys & girls equally:-In olden days there was a conservative society. People gave more importance to boys as compared to girls. According to them boys were given importance as they had to go outside and had to do a job. so they needed more care and more strength. Girls were not allowed to go out. They had to live inside the homes and do house hold work. Boys were given education but girls were not allowed to get education as they were not allowed to do any job. Girls and boys should be treated equally. A girl should be allowed to take education. Special attention should be given to her health. So that being a mother she may bring up her children well & she may take care other children as well as domestic work in a good manner. If there is a need she can do a respectable job and she can support her husband in controlling the expenditure of her home. Now it is an educated society. The views of people have changed. Girls are treated well. They are given equal importance as similar to boys, because it is the need of time. People know that educating a girl is just like educating a whole nation. So girls take education. They do jobs. They are able to handle all types of situations. In villages the situation is quite different. People are illiterate. Only primary education is given to boys. Girls are not given any education. No attention is given to their health. The atmosphere is unhygienic. People are unaware of hygienic conditions. Government has to give special attention in this matter. It has to rise the literacy rate and people should be given awareness that girls and bys should be treated equally. Boys and girls should be educated in separate classrooms using different teaching techniques'. Do you agree this statement or not.

It seems like girls have always been smarter than boys. Throughout the years girls have proven to excel with their brains. For example, a woman was the one to discover DNA instead of a boy. Girls are hard workers,...
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