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Statement of findings:

The Transport Department of Govt. of NCT of Delhi is entrusted with the responsibility of providing an efficient public transportation system, control of vehicular pollution, registration of vehicles in Delhi, issuance of Driving licences, issuance of various permits, collection of road taxes. The department also entrusted in policy-making, co-ordination, implementation, monitoring and regulatory functions of all the Transport related aspects of National Capital Territory of Delhi.

Transport is one of the European Union's (EU) foremost common policies. It is governed by Title VI (Articles 90 to 100) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. Since the Rome Treaty's entry into force in 1958, this policy has been focused on removing borders between Member States and thus contributing to the free movement of individuals and of goods. Its principal aims are to complete the internal market, ensure sustainable development, extend transport networks throughout Europe, maximise use of space, enhance safety and promote international cooperation. The Single Market signalled a veritable turning point in the common policy in the area of transport. Since the 2001 White Paper, which was revised in 2006, this policy area has been oriented towards harmoniously and simultaneously developing the different modes of transport, in particular with co-modality, which is a way of making use of each means of transport (ground, waterborne or aerial) to its best effect.

Appendix :
1.Is public transport easily accessible for you?
Yes/ No
2. How many times do you use public transport? (Pick one)
*Every day
*More than once a week
*Once a week
*More than once a month
*Once a month
*Hardly ever

3. What types of public transport do you use?
(a) Bus (b) Train (c) Taxi

Eg like bcoz-because (use some abbreviations)

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Bibliography: Publication’s name place ( write the book’s publication name which u hav nw )
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