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Topics: Failure, Entrepreneurship, Real estate Pages: 4 (693 words) Published: March 19, 2015
Think Rich, Pinoy! by Larry Gamboa wherein I found informative when it comes on earning money from investing real estate. Learning financial literacy, playing cashflow 101 and doing the steps to success are the useful and helpful way in getting rich.

Although many of the ideas he presented I agreed with, but there are also few points that I would like to argue against. Firstly, I would like to answer the question: Why don’t Filipinos want to be rich? Infact, all Filipinos wanted to be rich. It is not the fear of failure is the reason but a lack of capital and learning on engaging and running a business. Investing a real estate you somehow need a big amount in order to own a real estate property. And those belong to a lower class who are just earning 97 pesos a day could not afford to invest a real estate.

I agreed on him about being rich and being highly educated is inversely correlated because on my own point of view, if you are a skilled one in running a business, you are a financial literate, and you think big then you will be in a road to become rich. It is not the higher the educational degree that matters in becoming wealthy. The best examples on this are John Gokongwei, Henry Sy and Lucio Tan, who are the three most successful entrepreneurs in the Philippines and who are all college dropouts.

Reading helps us know we are not alone and we must never cease from exploring. Sometimes we fear failure, without knowing that after many failures then success will come. As a student I relate much on this thought in the sense that I don’t like to be engage in business course because it deals with numbers, numbers and more numbers. Finding myself poor in dealing with numbers made me fear because I might failed. But, by keep on reading and exploring the good benefits of numbers for my future I will not be scared to fail, I will keep on trying, knowing that success will come afterall.

As an entrepreneur you must follow some steps in order to attain your...
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