The Role of Women in Developing a Country

Topics: Unemployment, Literacy, Discrimination Pages: 13 (1555 words) Published: September 29, 2011 The Global Source for Summaries & Reviews

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Shvoong Home>Arts & Humanities>The role of Women in a developing country Summary The role of Women in a developing country
Article Summary by:khatiar1955 Original Author: Kh. Atiar Rahman

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The role of women in a developing country There is no denying the fact that modern society is more often than not male dominated where women still pine away in an substandard position put side by side to men because of the social formation and stick with customarily held social values. There is, however, an escalating responsiveness that women’s position must get better as a matter of their right; and that, for national development also, mainstreaming of women in all walks of national life is essential. Bangladesh is differentiated by a very high population density (860 persons per sq. km. as of 1999), a high population growth rate (about 2.5 per cent), a very low per-capita income (about US$ 200 as of 1999), a very low adult literacy rate (32 per cent), and widespread being without a job and underemployment (one-third or more of the available labour-time in the country). About 46 per cent of the population aged 10 years and above constitute the civilian labour force. While women constitute half of the population, their labour force participation rate is only 9.9 per cent against 81.4 per cent of men. Open unemployment rate is 3.1 per cent for women against 1.1 per cent for men and underemployment rate for women workforce is even higher measure up to men. Since the mid-1970s, the Government has, in acknowledgment of the fact that women’s class must get better and that women should be implicated in nation building behavior for an orderly progress of the society, adopted policies and measures aimed at enhancing women’s status, promoting employment opportunities for them, protecting their rights. On top of these, the Constitution of Bangladesh, adopted in 1972, has guaranteed equal position to women. The Constitution of Bangladesh enshrines women’s equal status with men before law; women shall have equal rights in all spheres of state and public life, and equality of opportunity in respect of employment or office in the service of the Republic. They should not be discriminated against because they are women. In fact, the Constitution provides that special steps should be taken for the advancement of women. However, Article 29(c) states that any class of employment or office may be set aside for members of one sex on the ground that it is considered by its nature to be unsuited to members of the opposite sex. If not properly interpreted, this provision may allow scope for abuse and provide a cover for discrimination against women. In view of the above discussion, it is evident that the women through out the whole world have occupied valuable position in every spheres of progress and prosperity like...
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