The Importance of the Act of Reading

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The article was written by Paulo Freire that explained the importance of the act of reading beyond many experiences on his life, as child, teenager and as an adult. First the reading of the world as a whole, without reading words instead in live each day, before learn how to read, the words appear in everyone’s mind and passing the time this minds start filling up. Also I can remarked some aspects that he took and we have to take into account nowadays, he said that the mechanism used to give students a infinite number of chapters to read in school, high school or university is not a benefit to each student, or the process that implies to memorize mechanically things or definitions that does not mean that you really acquire the knowledge, however the truthful lessons of how to read are the ones in where you have to make a summary or give your opinion about the book, article or paragraph that you already read, because you really make an effort to recognize the whole or a part of the text. The most important thing while the act of reading is the quality of comprehension you get from the text and no the quantity of pages it have, an example that he gave is the relevant document from Marx’s named “Theses on Feuerbach” that just take two pages and a half long. And in the process to teach literacy skills to an illiterate person, it has to be from his or her existential experience like dreams, anxieties and demands and not from the educator experience, not just to repeat automatically syllables, vowels or letters, the process of teaching how to read or write can not be reduced on that. Based on this read we as future educators have to notice the necessity of the act of reading to read not only the newest texts but also the classic literature, to within on the lecture and to create an intellectual discipline, because if we do not do it and we are going to teach people you need even more knowledge, we as teachers are known by a...
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