The Importance of Reading to Children Is Significant in Child Development

Topics: Educational psychology, Dyslexia, Developmental psychology Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Reading begins the journey through one's language development stages, and language development begins with reading to our children.  You cannot really have one without the other, and reading to your child will help him begin the process of mastering words and language. Reading weaves these complex and vital aspects of his language development stages together in a fun way that reaches a child and connects to him on his level. (Did you know that too much TV can have a negative effecton a young child's progress through his language development stages?) As you read out loud to your child, he will begin storing all kinds of information in his brain about language and words, context, sentences, grammar, syntax, and the differing meanings of language.  Although he might be too young to actively use this information, it will be stored and ready for use at a future date. The importance of reading to children is significant in child development, and reading books to little ones at an early age is essential. In fact, reading childrens stories aloud is one of the most important activities we, as parents, grandparents, teachers, and care-givers, can do for our kids. The importance of reading to children plays out in a myraid of developmental, emotional, and learning issues from bonding and security . . . to learning to read . . . to future success.

A rich literate environment typically contains written materials (newspapers, books and posters), electronic and broadcast media (radios and TVs) and information and communications technology (fixed and mobile phones, computers and Internet access), which encourage literacy acquisition, a reading culture, improved literacy retention and access to information. Literate environments can be found in both public and private spheres, including home, school, workplace, local community and the nation as a whole. Developing rich literate environments therefore includes language policies, book publishing,...
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