The Importance of an Audience

Topics: Writing, Literacy, Photography Pages: 3 (1200 words) Published: March 17, 2013
The Importance of an Audience
Throughout the world literacy and photography have inspired individuals by how they point their message across to the viewers. They have the power to attract and inspire others in how skillfully they write or in how they draw and take photos. In the article “Picture Imperfect” by Jed Perl, he explains photography is not one hundred percent accurate evidence for their spectators. Due to this, both literacy and photography connect to each other by depending on their audience for judgment. But in the other hand, the role of literacy exceeds the role of photography because it helps the audience target the final analysis in ways that pictures cannot as noted in the article “The New Literacy” by Clive Thompson. Before any author begins to write a story he/she is not only jotting down the plot of the story but also determining who will be their audience. They aim to attract a group of people by coping with their ideas and keeping in mind what kind of people they would like to motivate. That’s why it is important for the writer to know who will be their audience before they begin to write. The author’s and photographer’s interest are both to stimulate the minds of their audience. In other words, the role of the audience will always remain the same because they determine whether or not the work is inspirational. In the article, “Picture Imperfect” Jed Perl claims photography is altered only by the verdict of their viewers. By this statement, he believes the camera never lies but it is important to examine first and not assume. Many people undertake that pictures are accurate because they are viewing the image from their own perspective. What baffles my mind is why do people assume what their seeing is actually what they think their seeing. For example, “Photographs, in and of themselves, do not necessarily tell us very much” (Perl 136). That is to say, photographs don’t show the entire scenario. There is not enough evidence in a...
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