The Culture In Film Music

Topics: Eminem Pages: 2 (1009 words) Published: March 18, 2016
Welcome back to the Alan and Calvin podcast on 69.9 FM radio. Today we’re focusing upon culture in music, specifically in film. We’ve watched every movie for the past 200 years and have ranked each song from first to last; these songs vary from genres such as hip-hop to classical German folk music. In this podcast, we will focus upon two specific songs that have influenced culture through their musical relevance. The first song we are looking at is Space Jam by Quad City DJ's, featured in the movie Space Jam. Released in 1996, this song was uniquely written specifically for the movie which it’s named after. The hit song was a favorite among many, and when the Space Jam soundtrack was released, this number was revolutionary in tying basketball to music, and was a great contribution to the statement that basketball was one of America’s most popular sports. Not only a part of a widely watched movie, but also listened to alone, Space Jam implemented parts of the movie into the song, which greatly helped the movie’s popularity as well. Sweeping the nation, and even listened to and watched still today, Space Jam has certainly influenced the culture of America, just like another song that Alan will now tell you about. Thanks Calvin. Much like the song Space Jam, Eminem’s Lose Yourself was also able to resonate its strong message to society. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Marshall Mathers grew to become one of the most famous rappers in history. With several platinum albums, most famous the Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem is now acclaimed as one of the best lyricists in this history of music. But Eminem’s career was not without controversy; his constant cursing and his violent and sometimes shocking behavior would often steer people away from his music. Regardless, by being featured as the theme song for 8 Mile, a movie in which Eminem stars as B Rabbit, a rapper trying to make it out of Detroit, Lose Yourself was able to reach a worldwide audience. Through a strong,...
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