Technology Literacy in Education

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Technological Literacy in Education


Dr. Richard Rice

Technological Literacy in Education

From the introduction of the first computer and with continuing improvements in technology almost every day it is important to make sure that you and your children understand how technology works in how to use it. Today there are computers in every classroom and the Internet is available everywhere you go. The improvements in mobile devices and laptop computers the ease of access for students to acquire information anywhere and anytime raises the question about the importance of technological literacy in education. Parents and educators wonder what the effects of technology in education are and how it will affect their communication skills. The world today is very reliant on technology making it very important to be technically savvy.

Every day the world becomes more dependent on technology. Businesses are more reliant on technology than ever before. The need for graduating students to know more about technological literacy is becoming more important. Even more important is the understanding of what technological literacy is by not only students but also by educators. Surprisingly there is much confusion in today’s society about what technological literacy actually is (Dugger, 2001). If you ask the average person what technology literacy is they will tell you it is that you know how to use a computer or that it is being able to use a word document. According to Dugger (2001) “Technological literacy is the ability of a person to use, manage, assess, and understand technology”. He further states that someone who is technologically literate understands what it is and how it affects our society and how it consistently changes. Technology is a part of everything we do today. The technology we have and use today will not be the same that we have and use in ten or twenty years. With technology changing daily and no sooner do they come out with...
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