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Structure 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Importance of Information Dissemination 5.2.1 Problem-centered Nature of Adult Learning 5.2.2 Special Nature of Information Dissemination for Adult Community 5.3 Customizing Information for Dissemination 5.3.1 Issues of Relevance to Adult Community 5.3.2 Assessing Information Needs 5.3.3 Types of Information for Communication 5.3.4 Media and language for Communication 5.4 Approaches to Information Dissemination 5.4.1 Model 1: Searching Indexed Resources 5.4.2 Model 2: Non-indexed Sources 5.4.3 Model 3: Establishing Public Platforms for Reaching Out to Community Members (Nicknamed ‘Choupal’) 5.5 Database Creation 5.5.1 The First Step 5.5.2 Record Structure 5.5.3 Software for Creating Database 5.6 Conclusion 5.7 Apply what you have learnt Learning Objectives We hope that after going through Unit 5, you will be able to Form your own understanding of various aspects of information dissemination. Share your understanding of the basics of information dissemination with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) organizing adult education projects and programs. Facilitate the NGOs efforts to develop skills and techniques required for organizing information dissemination services for the benefit of the adult community.

5.1 Introduction Unit 5 pertains to acquiring

skill and applying the same to your professional activities and we hope that Unit 5 will

be of especial relevance to your day-today work at adult learning set-up. Information dissemination is a proactive



information service designed to educate and inform focused groups of users on social, economic and educational issues, problems, and opportunities of interest to them. It requires systematic planning, collection, organization, and storage of information for its delivery to the target

audience using different media and communication means. Let us now discuss the importance of information dissemination before moving on to a community’s information needs.

5.2 Importance of Information Dissemination I t is a fact that survival and self- learning, the emphasis development are the major issues central to several adults in many communities. The need to raise their socio-economic status is thus necessary and urgent. This requires empowering adults, the under-privileged and economically weaker sections of society with technical skills and education. However, organizing programs meant mainly for raising awareness, education, and training are information and communication dependent. Information dissemination as such constitutes an important and critical factor for the success of adult education and learning programs. More often than not, organizers perceive information dissemination to be a oneway form of communication, circulating information and advice mainly through mass media in a cost-effective and timely manner. In some cases, the media are posters and pamphlets, while in some others reliance is exclusively on text-based print medium. However, two-way form of communication is relatively more relevant and effective for organizing awareness programs and activities in adult education.

is on refining knowledge that already exists, upgrading existing level of skills, and nurturing and shaping innate potential and talent of individuals and groups in a society. In problem-centered learning, the emphasis is on applying information/ knowledge as well as skills for finding solutions to the problems and issues confronting the adult community. Let us look at the special character of information dissemination for adults in a community.

5.2.2 Special Nature of Information Dissemination for Adult Community In the context of this Unit we have used the phrase ‘adult community’ to refer to the groups of adult people, who have something in common such as low level of literacy with a higher level of knowledge and skills, yet poor...
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