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Module/Week 1: Introduction to Theology

Textbook Readings:

Towns: Introduction & Ch. 1

1. How did the term “Christian” originate? Stated only 3 x’s in Bible Act 11:25, Act 26:28, 1 Peter 4:16. Started as sarcastic attack, refers to relationship with Christ. 2. Who was this book written for? Wrote for the Christian who want to know more. 3. Why do some have mistaken ideas about Christianity? They don’t understand it. Think that it is primary doctrine, movement of rules defining and governing moral behavior.

Chapter 1
1. What year was Jesus born? 4bc
2. When was Christianity made Rome’s National Religion? AD 313 3. What is the Incarnation? Describe god becoming man and taking on human flesh. 4. Does the Bible states that Jesus was the creator of the world. yes 5. Did Jesus claim to have supernatural origins. yes

6. Who Baptized Jesus? John the baptist
7. Did Jesus allow people to worship him? yes

Etzel & Gutierrez: Introduction & Chs. 1–5

1. Why does the author say that everyone is a theologian? 2. What areas of our lives are influenced by the way we see God? From birth to death 3. How did Jesus show that he is worthy of our faith?

4. Do Christians need to ignore intellect and reason in order to have faith in Jesus? no 5. What does Jesus teach about truth? yes

Online Excerpts:

“Understanding the Faith”

1. What is more important than the sincerity of your belief? The object of our faith. the source and foundation of all faith is the bible. 2. What are the six types of faith that describe the believer's relationship to God? The correct doctrinal of faith. faith, saving faith, justifying faith, indewelling faith, daily faith, the gift of faith

“Prolegomena to Theology”—Pg. 18–24

1. What are the four tools for accurately arranging a systematic theology? Inspired revelation- the sourse of authority and the direction for our life. Faith- total meaning of the scripture cannot be understood by the natural human. Language- working knowledge of biblical languages. Greek new testament, Hebrew old testament. History- undersaning of history. 2. What four questions must we ask about faith? 1) faith with harmony growing out of contuous faith found in the new testament, 2) predictability of faith 3) private faith 4) to understand faith one must describe it and define it. 3. What 5 factors can limit our theology? 1) human understanding, 2) language 3)ignorance of scripture, 4) the silence of god, 5) the nature of science.

"The Names of Christ" – Pg. 160–173

1. What chapter of the New Testament does the Author suggest contains the most names of Jesus? First chap. Of john. 2. Which of God’s names do some scholars think that Jesus is claiming with his “I am statements”? Jehovah. 3. What is the tern “only begotten” used to describe about Jesus? A son is given. Reference to the divine relationship of God to the father. 4. Why does the author think that the Gospel of John calls Jesus the “word”? Pink suggested that “a word is (1) a medium of manifestation;” (2) “a means of communication,” (3) “and a method of revelation term “word” from the Greeks or the Jews. If the term is Greek, there may be numerous philosophical implications. If the term is Hebrew, he may be making reference to wisdom in Proverbs 5-8. Probably Jesus is called the Word of God because this phrase is used over 1200 times in the Old Testament to refer to the revelation or message of God, as in the phrase “the Word of God came to” a certain prophet. Jesus Christ was also the message, meaning, or communication from God to men. Jesus was everything the written and spoken Word of the Lord was in the Old Testament. Jesus is therefore the expression, revelation and communication of the Lord. He is both the incarnate and inspired Word. 5. What would Jews think who heard Christ calling Himself the “Son of Man”? The Jew who heard...
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