Socio – Political Situation of India

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Any society is a fabrication of diverse regions, cultures, religions, politics and economical overtures. India is a unique land that harbours amorous people and astounding cultures. As many would accept without doubt it is a RICH nation in every walk of life. Every Indian has something to feel proud about in its history and riches. It has

← 5000 year old ancient civilization
← 18 official languages, 325 spoken languages and 1652 dialects ← 30 states and 5 union territories
← World’s largest democracy with parliamentary form of government ← 1.3 billion People in an area of 3.28 million sq.kms of which 7,516km is the coastline ← World’s 4th largest economy with GDP of $567 bn

← Has 3rd largest standing army force with 1.5 million strong force ← 2nd largest pool of scientist and languages in the world ← 1st in the world with 65% of youth population between the age group of 0 – 35 years

Encyclopaedia Britannica summarises all the eulogies into saying, “As to man’s cradle land there have been many theories but the weight of evidence is in favour of Indo – Malaysia.”

Down the ages India has exhibited tremendous growth and development at all levels. Especially in the last two decades or so it has been making progress on a scale, size and pace that is unprecedented in its own history. Last 60 years since its independence the country has been successful on numerous fronts like education, Agriculture, Poverty eradication, Health, Economy, etc. However these are not without its challenges. A close scrutiny of a few specific subjects will enumerate the theme that is under study in these pages.


2nd most populated country in the world with urban population of 28%. It is the world’s youngest nation with 54% of its population below 25 years. Those in 13 – 35 years amount to 48%. In 2015 it is expected to grow to be 68%. What a power to reckon with.


A growing perception in the world around is that China and India are becoming two major economic superpowers in the world. It is an accomplishment for some and an accosting danger for others. India in particular plays a vital role in federating developing and growing nations under the same roof, like the other great nations.

According to the Forbes list 2007, India added to its list 14 new billionaires taking its total to 36. Their combined worth is almost $ 191 billion – equal to one-fourth of India’s GDP. Another interesting and welcoming factor is the fast growing middle class population. It is attributed to the boom in IT and its related sectors. India has become the largest outsource country i.e. Back Offices, Call Centres, Health Care Centres, etc.

This has created a mad rush of big business tycoons and industries from all over the world to India. It should answer why there are so many of the automobile, mobile phones, apparels, soft drinks and the likes. In the apparels Market alone we spend USD 19.3 billion every year. It is not the women folk (37%) or the Children (23%) who spend most but men (40%) who go after the brands and tags from the west.

But what bewilders the observer is that how much these has helped in holistic development of the nation. There is still 30% of Indians still below poverty line (BPL) – with just a USD to live with. 15% of the child labourers are forced into such a situation due to the poor economic conditions of the family. The rise in GDP is not proportionately reflected in the Per Captia Income of the nation. The co-existence of unemployment, poverty, deprivation, and hunger with the riches only indicate that a very small section of the country’s population appropriate the economic resources in their favour. With this can we boast of a real economic boom or rise as a superpower? In the last parliamentary elections the then BJP government thought of a slogan that could win the elections– SHINING INDIA. But when it was pitted against...
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