Shared Reading

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Shared reading is an important instructional strategy in which the teacher explicitly engages students in the reading process. The shared reading offers an approach where teachers can use authentic literacy text to enable children to develop tactic and become confident and independent readers. The pioneer of this strategy was New Zealander Don Holdway (1979). Holdway (1979) explains shared reading as “the unison situation properly controlled in a lively and meaningful spirit, [which] allows for massive individual practice by every pupil in the teaching context" (p.129). Furthermore, the influence of literature is another considerable factor that encourages children to develop a sense of story and how narrative and expository texts are structured. As children become firm readers, the teacher supports them to use their prior and current knowledge for thorough meanings and taking learning risks (Button & Johnson, 1997). Benefits to children’s literacy learning:

There is range of evidence based benefits of the shared reading strategy which are listed below: * Intensive, vivid, motivating literature is used, even in the earliest phases of a reading program, which allow them, to value literature. * The teacher gets a chance to demonstrate reading for the children depending upon the reading selection. * Children become aware of the purposes of print, get acquainted with patterns of the language, and acquire word-recognition skills as learner interact couple of time with the similar selection (Shared Reading: An Effective Instructional Model, 1997). Another evidence of shared reading provides students an opportunity to: * Comprehend pictures that can help create meanings.

* Apprehend sequential story events like what happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story. * Recognize symbols and sounds in the word context of the story (“Shared Reading – A Critical Component of Balanced Literacy...
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