Role of Media

Topics: Mass media, Democracy, Government Pages: 4 (711 words) Published: November 27, 2010
Role of media


It is often said that the world has become global village. Telecommunication, radio and television and finally computer have reduced distance and brought the most countries aloes enough to each other. Indeed, it has become an effective instrument for norms of democracy facilitate the decision, making process. In complex globalized world, role of media has become diversified and effective. Hence, peace or war politics or trade, diplomacy or commerce, religions or conflicts, civilization media could decide about the victor, vanquished, winner and the loser, and can get information on wide range of subjects.

Function of media.

It is a lethal weapon. it has four categories.1 printing media 2 audio media 3 video media and 4computer.

1 creation of awareness

• Creates awareness and enlightenment. so necessary to wave smoothly the fabric of society and keep it intact. • Everyone has to be conscious of his or rights.
• Though. It people and government become aware and conscious of the future challenges.

2 strengthen democracy:

• Indeed, for democracy to strengthen a free and responsible media is prerequisite. • Democracy-rights and responsibilities, rule of law, free and fair election. Accountability and transfer of power. • Free media is necessary, it keeps politician within limits. • Contrary to this, absence of free media makes them freebooters, and vassals always bent upon usurping the rights of the people. • Autocratic, dictators and military rulers have deep abhorrence for media as it exposes their illegitimacy, corruption and ineptness.

3 promotion of tolerance and understanding:

• In this way promotes national integration.
• Biggest challenge is intolerance and mutual mistrust. Proving a destructive phenomenon for social harmony, political stability and economic growth. Intolerance makes society a jungle. • Effectively be taken by media through educating them- solve problems through dialogue and...
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