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Chapter 1


Today, computers play a big role in education especially in developing countries like the Philippines. According to Casiano (2007), computer has a capability for administrative and managerial users, namely: easing enrollment procedures, preparing transcript of records, recording grades, paying school fees, and others, as well as for teaching purposes. Moreover, it has given way to the development of multi-media which is creating an exciting and very real interactive learning environment. According to Senator Oreta, three to four out of five teachers lacked knowledge in using computers (Philippine Star, 2002). In a survey research with an overall goal of determining ICT preparedness of teacher stated that the literacy of teachers in using word processing software is about 63.27% while the second is internet browsing with 33.91%. The third is using spreadsheets application, 13.84% and other software application is quite below at 10% (Magno, 2006). Also DepED estimates that only one out of seven schools have teachers who are computer literate (Abad, 2004).

Being computer literate gives the learner an opportunity to excel in rapidly changing environment in technology. According to Reynolds (2007), computer literacy means being knowledgeable about the capabilities of hardware and software and understanding how computers and the internet can enhance student’s educational experiences.

The government and the education department has come up with plans for computer literacy of learners as well as teachers. According to Carandang (2010), Senator Angara urged the incoming administration to legislate and integrated computer education. He also proposed the creation of the Board of Computer Education. The proposed board will promote the Build-Operate –Transfer (BOT) scheme of the program, which is facilitating the computer literacy training of teachers. Angara also urged to integrate computer subjects in...
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