Report on Drones - Average Pakistani Perspective

Topics: Human rights, Pakistan, Terrorism Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Pakistan is currently ranked 112 in 120 nation’s literacy rate scale globally. Being such low on this scale means that majority of population of Pakistan is illiterate. Illiterate people are more influenced from their emotion and think from their hearts. Righteousness of drones depends on how we think. They are good against this war against terrorism, if one thinks from his mind and statistically. But they are bad if one thinks from his hearts and emotionally. So I think the ultimate reality is the perspective held by majority of people. So I don’t know what is right or what is wrong. I just tend to believe the ultimate reality or perspective held by majority of Pakistanis that drones are bad as they give rise to politics of fear, disgrace to humanity, an issue of national security, collateral damage and continues to produce more terrorists. What I have learned across various media is that drones are visible to human eye. And when they fly in areas, locals can easily see them hovering on their heads. So I feel this give rise to politics of fear. So I think local feudal there continue to get support from people and exploits them also by promising them solution to their so called “fear”. Drone attacks also defy the basic right of human being. Everybody has a right, that if he is charged, he should be first accounted for blame by court. And after whole legal process, it should be decided that whether blame was right or wrong. I don’t know about inside facts. But what is portrayed, it seems like that America or Pakistan Army decides just upon their assumptions or some evidence that is still not countered by any court that whether person is right or wrong. They then upon their own deductions decides the faith of that terrorist or maybe so called terrorist. This I feel isn’t right. I mean by doing we are defying some of the basic right and that is a clear violation of human rights. No country under a democratic parliamentary system would allow some other country to...
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