Reflective Paper

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Reflective Paper

PSY 202: Adult Development and Life Assessment
Saturday, August 4, 2012

Reflection Paper Outline
I. My upbringing as a child raised by my grandparents

a. The values that were instilled in me.

b. Going to church was a job, not a routine.

c. My grandparents taught and lived by example.

II. Things that influenced my character growing up

a. As a member of the boy scouts

b. Joining the yearbook staff

c. My first job

d. Getting accepted into the school of performing arts

III. Series of jobs / career opportunities after high school

a. Administration

b. Project Management

c. Temporary opportunities

d. Travel Industry

IV. My academic and future career goals

a. Become a teacher for underprivileged students in Title 1 schools.

b. Expand my community non profit after school tutorial program.

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As an adult I occasionally reflect on certain aspects of my childhood and am reminded how blessed I was. My grandparents were very stereotypical; they showed us an abundance of love, they consistently paid attention to our every need and spoiled us constantly. Also to this day I am unable to think of one moment of deceit, a word of untruth or a day of physical or verbal abuse. Don’t get me wrong they were always for the right thing and made sure we behaved but we were disciplined through teaching and by example.

My grandparents reminded us that our character and integrity were the most important assets we will have and we must always be mindful of that by the way we behave, present ourselves and our treatment of others; we were taught this by example. As practicing Christians my grandparents were respectful of themselves and showed respect for everyone regardless of race, background, sexual orientation or social status. Even though my grandparents were straight laced and Christian they were...
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