Reason why I am going to the college

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Heng-Hsuan Tsui
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The Reason Why I Am Attending College

The reason for attending college are probably just like everyone else’s. I went to college because I wanted a better life for myself. I’d like to find a job and have a wonderful life. I am an international student majoring in dance from Taiwan. My country’s dance doesn’t have a chance to be appreciated, so I tried and moved to another country, which its dance is famous, and appreciate on international. My plan is to graduate from college and receive diploma so that I can enter a famous dance company or get a job about dancing, and that’s why I am attending college, even more than is the main reason why I am attending college. The second reason was that I wanted to get a better education more that high school. If I am the boss of the company, I won’t hire the people who just have high school diploma. My final reason is that I wanted to have college experience. I was glad that I can enter the college, so why I don’t take it and enjoy the real college’s life. The high school experience can’t satisfy me, and this is my chance, and I want to take it.

My main reason to attend college is for getting a better life. Everyone knows that the dancer is not easy to make more money unless he or she has higher academic degree. I heard foreign career of dancer would have more chance to show myself and be appreciated. Thus, after I graduated from my high school, I move to America and started studying my college in dance division. Fortunately, my high school had some cooperation with my current college before, so it was easy to apply to it and be their student. Now, I am junior in college. I still have one and a half years to receive more dancing knowledge in my life. I have been participating in more dance concert and outside show. These will be my best experience in my college life.

Another reason why I am attending college was because I am going to find a job soon, and I...
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