Promoting Computer Literacy Among Student in Lanao Del Sur

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Promoting Computer Literacy among Student in Lanao Del Sur


Through scientific and technological progress, the world has become a single global community. Modern means of telecommunication and transportation have fostered the rapid sharing of information, ideas and resources among the nations of the world. This is the challenge that faces Philippine society today - to become part of the global technological community. BELLAFLOR J. ANGARA-CASTILLO

(The problem is focused on the low Computer Literacy among students in Lanao Del Sur)

Living in the information Age; in this fast-paced era of globalization, computer literacy has been a necessary skill everyone must possess along with Arithmetic and Reading. It is in fact expected among students and workers in different institutions to be computer literate. The studies have revealed that many Meranaos and Non-Meranaos living in Lanao Del Sur are behind in Computer Literacy. In fact, many students in Lanao Del Sur are not even par with thosestudents in Luzon and urban areas.

Survey on Internet Access and Use by Filipino SchoolchildrenFinal Report (Summary nationwide Findings)explain the reason why some Filipino Schoolchildren are not using internet.

Reasons for not using the Internet centered mainly on the absence of Internetconnection at home/school (61%) and computer illiteracy (51%). Lack of Internetconnection at home may be due to economic reasons as well asparents’ low educational background, since 83 percent of the non-users arepublic school students.The high level of computer illiteracy should be a priority concern since“competitiveness” and “survival” of children in today’s Knowledge Society is toa great extent dependent on digital literacy. Computer classes are notavailable in public elementary schools compared with private schools.

Filipino schoolchildren are computer literate as almost three-fourths (74%)have access to the Internet. But schoolchildren in the Visayas and MetroManila have greater access than their counterparts in the Cordilleras andMindanao as approximately 9 out of 10 schoolchildren in these areas areInternet users.

Schoolchildren from lower grades, i.e. elementary than high school students,have lesser access to Internet. Several reasons can be cited: while theDepartment of Education (DepED) has a program which provides computerpackages to public high schools, this is not available to public elementaryschools; elementary pupils are less mobile than older children, e.g. going tomalls; parents have more control on their activities and whereabouts, etc.

Majority (51%) of schoolchildren reported “not knowing how to use thecomputer” as reason for not using the Internet, it is important that computerliteracy should now be included in the school curriculum especially in publicschools where computer illiteracy is more pronounced.

(This survey shows that the people of Mindanao iss behind incomputer literacy compare to the people of Luzon and Visayas) This is an alarming issue since while other countries are devising robots already, our citizens (Filipinos) have not even explored much about computers or worse some have not even tried using it once. With the situation all the more the Philippines cannot compete with other countries. Computer Literacy is an important asset that every citizen should have. These canhelp in contributing to the workforce and equipping oneself with the information essential for ones’ development both personally and professionally.

While other countries are on the milestone of invention and innovation, if this problem on poor computer literacy among students in Lanao Del Sur be unresolved, we will always be left behind still groping in trying how such innovation works. While they are already benefitting much to it, we are just about in the process of learning it. To gain a skill in Computer literacy is just but gaining access in the intricate...
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