Postmortem of two projects and 100% literacy

Topics: Literacy, International Literacy Day, Multimedia literacy Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: September 24, 2013
Postmortem of two projects and 100% literacy

Mahfuzur Rahman Manik

Recently two projects related to literacy has been died. These projects were considered as the key instruments to achieve 'hundred percent literate dreamy Bangladesh'. Both the projects require a detailed analysis. Last year in the eve of the literacy day the website of Bureau of non-formal education (BNFE) displayed `we are committed to ensure 100% literacy by 2014’. This year the same website has displayed, ‘this account has been suspended’. How miserable condition of a website of digital government? I have no question about this, but my curiosity is if the website was active what would have been written there; I mean 100% of literacy within which year. There are some reasons behind this curiosity. Before telling that, let's see that the current status of the projects. Today is September 8, 2012 International Literacy Day. Just three years ago in 2009 The Bureau of non-formal education published a supplement in the daily newspapers on the occasion of literacy day, where it was written that the Bureau has proposed two projects to ensure 100% literacy within 2014. These two projects are only waiting for government approval. They are- Basic literacy and continuing education project-1 and Basic Literacy and Continuing Education Project-2. They expected that by implementing these projects all illiterate of the country will be literate. We knew nothing details about these projects in one year. After just one year, in the literacy day of 2010 a daily newspaper (Prothom Alo) published a report on it. The heading of the report was 'Three thousand crore project to eliminate illiteracy'. It described details about these projects. The first project is for 61 districts; the expense is TK 2 thousand and 962 crore and the other project is for another 3 hilltract districts; the expense is more than 50 crore TK. It was told that the projects will begin in January 2011, and after three steps of work it...
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