Plight of Women

Topics: Gender, Feminism, Literacy Pages: 5 (1694 words) Published: February 15, 2013
1. Introduction
The growing influx of migrant population, mounting growth of slums/resettlement colonies, adverse sex ratio of girls and it declining trend in Delhi, low female work participation rate, high incidences of violence and crime against women, disturbingly high prevalence of anemia amongst women along with other areas of vulnerabilities such as RTI/STI TB, reproductive errors, protein malnutrition- lend challenging dimension to the work required to be done to make the city more women friendly and to empower women themselves to create a supportive and enabling environment. The status of women in Delhi is a subject which raises concern of government and link society as a whole. Even since Delhi was made the capital of the country, large number of people from different parts has migrated to this city. Delhi has become a conglomeration of different cultures but some of the pockets and localities retain distinct cultural traits. Though most of them belong to families with a regular income some of them do require financial/economic activity to augment the family budget. Lack of awareness as well as lack of visible opportunities make them remain unemployed in most cases. At the same time their lack of confidence to compete in a men oriented economy is also one of the contributing factors Many of the migrants who have come to the city in search of livelihood end up occupying public land earmarked for some other developmental activity. Over a period of time large clusters of such unauthorized habitation has come up all over the city. Due to the unplanned nature of their growth basic service like health, education, skill development has not kept pace with other areas. Out reach programme like mobile clinics, literacy/skill development classes has not made any significant impact in these areas. At times the Government has tried to relocate some of these people in a more organized manner in tenements specially built for them. In these resettlement colonies, the city government has planned schools, hospitals as well as trading facilities. These colonies have also been provided with regular supply of water and electricity. Drainage system has been introduced for removal of sewer. However, the economic status of these resettlements colonies is quite low as compared to the other areas even though they are slowly getting interlinked with the larger economy of the city. These area provide industrial work force, construction labour, petty traders etc. In large number. These colonies also provide services like motor repair, auto repair, electricians, plumbers, fitters etc. Most women in these areas help their husband in their petty trades etc. and also at times work with the husband in their casual labour. Some of them also work as domestic help in neighboring affluent areas. Since they are completely tied up in earning the livelihood and taking care of their families, they have little opportunity to take care of their health and other requirements. The Government is conscious of these problems and over a period of time has been devoting more of its resources to improve the plight of the women of these areas. Significant contribution in this has been made by the series of Stree Shakti Camps being held in different areas which require such services.

Women play a vital role in the development and sustenance of society at large. On account of the traditional patriarchy followed since time immemorial, often their contribution is not accounted and valued. With the changing times, the status of women both in the oriental world as well as in the occidental world has changed. Along with equality, and empowerment, today’s woman has also to tackle new challenges and shoulder responsibilities manifold specifically in the context of developing nations. One of the institutional mechanisms desired to take proactive steps to address the area of concern is the creation of Gender Resource Centre and...
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