Pag-Aaral Tungkol Sa Epekto Ng Teknolohiya Sa Mga Mag-Aaral Ng Kolehiyo

Topics: Critical thinking, 21st century, Skill Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: March 1, 2013
The 21st Century Teacher
The 21st Century Skills

The 21st Century Skills can be categorized into 4 namely:
1.Communication Skills
2.Learning and Innovation Skills
3.Information, Media and Tehnology Skills
4.Life and Career Skills
-A teacher must possess them in order to survive in this 21st Century Skills and be able to contribute to the development of 21st Century Learners. Under each of these 4 Clusters of 21st Century Skills are Specific Skills. Effective Communication Skills include;

3.Interpersonal Skills
4.Local, National and Global Orientedness
5.Interactive Communication
The learning and Innovation Skills are the 3 Clusters namely: 1.Creativity
3.Critical Thinking
4.Rist taking
Life and Career Skills embrace:
1.Flexibility and Adaptabiliy
2.Leadership and Responsibility
3.Social and Cross-Cultural Skills
4.Initiative and Self-direction
5.Productivity and Accountability
6.Ethical, Moral and Spiritual Values

Information, Media and Technology Skils are:
1.Visual Literacy- is the ability to interpret, make meaning from information presented in the form of an image. Information Literacy- is the ability to indentify what information is needed. 2. Media Literacy- is the ability to critically analyze the messages that inform, entertain and sell to us everyday. 3.Scientific Literacy- encompasses, written, numerical, and digital literacy as they pertain to understanding science, its methodology, observations, and theories. 4.Economic Literacy- is the ability to apply the basic economic concepts in situations relevan to one’s life.

What is Technological Literacy?
-The US Department of Education (1996) defined technology literacy as “COMPUTER SKILLS”.

Another Way of Grouping the 21st Century Skills is shown below: 1.Ways of thinking- Creativity, Critical thinking, Problem-Solving, Decission-making and Learning....
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