Nba & Nfl Compare and Contrast

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Cory Hightower
Davenport University

Eng 021
James Weiber
March 22, 2009

Compare and contrast 2

There are many similarities and differences in being drafted in the NBA and the NFL.  Some of these similarities of the NBA are that there are four camps in different states and all the scouts from every team is there, scouts from overseas and all. The players get assigned to a certain group and you go to each station all over the court were each team has a chance to get to know you as a person and a player.  After the interviews and all of the photographs you get assigned to a team. There are one hundred and fifty players in the camp total. After the camp is over you get an invite to each team that is interested in you. For example, if the pistons are the team that wants you; they fly you there for a private meeting to interview you more in-depth. These are the same things that happen in the NFL.

Even though these are two completely different types of sports, it is amazing how much of the similarities there are but yet there are so many differences too. Some of the things that are different is the styles of practicing and the way the NBA may handle certain fines and situations versus the NFL. In each sport the fines are different but yet they can get fined for the same things, such as, if you were to miss practice un excused, or a game. Fines also consist of certain things that could go on in a game, like fighting, bad sportsmanship, not holding up to your end of the contract. Your contract will always make sure to have in there that you have to give back to the community as well, whether that’s talking to kids or helping certain charities. Etc.

Next time you watch any major sports on TV you will remember that there are a lot of comparison and contracts in all sports. This will also in =clued baseball, and hockey, and boxing in some instances. I was a part of the NBA at one time and I was able to...
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