Modern Communication

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Writing Pages: 4 (1466 words) Published: June 13, 2013
This term I have learned there are several ways in which we communicate. From saying hello to people on the street, to texting our friends about our day, communication is inevitable. In the text Communication in a Changing World, these different ways of communicating are called channels. ‘Channels are the mediums that carry messages between communicators.” (Dobkin & Pace, pg 15). Until taking this class, I have never really realized the intricacy of the communication process. The amount of information regarding how we communicate each day is astounding. We can all improve the way we communicate, especially if we understand more about the process. I am writing this essay to show why both face-to-face and online communication are important in my personal and academic life and to show ways in which I hope to improve these communication skills. In this essay, I will analyze my face-to-face and online communication skills and find ways in which I can improve them. I will explain why each channel of communication is important to me personally and academically. I will describe my strengths and weaknesses with each, and how I can improve them. Face-to-face communication is important to me in my personal life, especially with my close friends and family. Other forms of communicating lack the richness of being face-to-face. “Richness refers to the number of verbal and non-verbal cues or modes of communication a channel carries.” (Dobkin & Pace, pg 16). I feel it is important in relationships to have as many cues as possible in order to interpret the other person correctly and avoid miscommunication. Cues can include “words, vocal inflection, touch, eye contact, hand gestures, and even smell.” (Dobkin &Pace, pg 16). It is important to me, particularly in the relationships I’m most invested in, to communicate in the richest channel available to ensure as little miscommunication as possible. This will help avoid conflict and keep relationships...
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