Making the Connection

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Making the Connection 1

Step by Step

To me the thought of learning and being educated is not just about if you know all the dates and names of those in our past, but its more about the experiences, and stages that one has been through in life and as an outcome one has a better understanding of something or someone and can be able to translate if needed. The articles From Pencils to Pixels: The Stages of Literacy Technology by Dennis Baron and Literacy, Discourse, and Linguistics: Introduction and What is Literacy by James Gee were both an informational text that broke down how and what people go thru in order to absorb and understand what taking place is. It’s made me think of how a person is expected to perform based on age, and as if people develop the same, which they don’t. Both articles had me thinking about how all discourses affect me and my thought process. The two articles talk about opportunities to develop literacy which addresses education itself. I have noticed that it’s difficult to achieve in today’s growing society because of the complexities of life in today's information and technology dependent society. The cultural and educational opportunities that are available in an average community, for example, are often missed by people who lack the ability to keep informed of such activities, and lives off information are more likely than others to be narrowly focused on the easy way out by just listening to the radio or through television. The ability to read and write is both fundamental skills that every child should master. It can lead to advancement from kindergarten to college, the ability to compete in the job market, and participation in other social activities that can occur. Learning how to read and write however is a very complex process that requires an understanding of both oral and written language. Without this knowledge words can be seemingly random, and the reader has a harder time predicting what an unfamiliar word may be....
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