Low Literacy Rate in Pakistan

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The term Literacy is defined as the ability to read and write or in other words the ability to use a language for reading, writing, listening and speaking. In Pakistan the literacy rate is very low; First of all literacy is defined here as the people over 15 years of age who can read and write. According to 2005 estimate 54% percent of the population is literature, 63 percent of which are male and the remaining female.

Literacy:definition: age 10+ and over can read and write

Totalpopulation: 54%
male: 63%
female: 36% (2005 est.)
It has been sixty years of independence but still we, as nations, have been unable to attain fiftypercent of literacy rate. A nation cannot achieve development without taking any meaningful steps for sound educational development. History has witnesses that no nation has been able to accelerate in terms of development without considering the aims and objectives of Pakistan. Education provides a tool for development to nations. Pakistan is one of the developing countries that is thriving for improvement in this area. Each and every government has launched a stream of five year plans that were arranged so as to fulfill the Millennium Development goals. However all resulted in vain since there was no or meager improvement in this regard. A lower literacy rate is an outcome despite such acts. Since the inception, education is the most neglected area and the situation did not improve despite of taken measure to educate people. Even there is a large population who did not receive basic education. It was 15 years back, the government allotted 2.6 % of the G.D.P for the progression of education however, to add injury to an insult, it was limited to 1.8% and the situation got worst. There are other developing nations like Turkey which allot most of its G.D.P to Education department, Pakistan ignored this department. With such non serious attitude towards Education, and there remain a dearth of well -educated and skillful individuals. Among the SAARC Nations, Pakistan is at the sixth and at the 159th position among the 174 World countries. According to a Government Official Report, the literacy rate in Pakistan is 54 % which is doubtful.

Reasons for the Low Literacy Rate
There are problems ranging from social, cultural, religious, political, psychological and economic spheres. If one problem is tried to be solved, other prove to be more gigantic in proportion and without solution of these problems and without provision of a viable mechanism, all the efforts of sustainability are not more than just a dream. Following can be the main causes of low literacy in Pakistan:

Our country is classified into the 3rd World countries mainly due to the connection of poverty with education or Literacy Rate. Poverty is the biggest disadvantage and the largest obstacle in the development of our country. Our country is an agricultural country and the profession of many people living in Pakistan is with this vast category. The people in this category and the farmers are unable to feed their families fully and as a result, development stops and population increases. The country where 40% of people are living below poverty line can how get education? According to UNICEF, 17.6% children work and support their families. So, in such conditions, role and support of Government becomes inevitable but Government is continuously paying no serious attention to these demands.

ii.Population Expansion
This great increase in the population of the Pakistan is a hindrance in the correct and efficient caring of the family. That is why many of the people are unable to provide such and such level of education to their children and so the literacy rate of the country on the whole decreases. The second main problem is related to the people...

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