Journal Writing 1 Tefl 3

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Journal Writing
Learning how to write is different with learning how to speak. Everyone can learn how to speak naturally and unconsciously when they grow up, but to learn how to write they need to be taught. It is because the ability to write has to be consciously learned. When people start to learn writing, they will be familiar with terms literacy and numeracy. Both of literacy and numeracy have their own definition in writing. Literacy is emphasized to the ability to read and write, while numeracy is more than to basic knowledge of mathematic. Based on each definition of literacy and numeracy above, it is clear that learn how to write is important for us. It is not merely for the efficient running of the society, but also for fulfillment and advancement of individuals (Harmer, 2004). In teaching of writing in ESL class, writing can be seen as a process and product. It depends on writing teacher concern. The teacher who concern with a final product of writing will see writing as a product. He or she will not really concern about students’ improvement in writing process, whereas the teacher who see writing as a process will be more concern to the process of writing. When the teacher see the writing as a process, it will be more effective for both the teacher itself and students. It is because in this case the teacher can see his or her students’ improvement in writing. Moreover, it also can give students more time to write and in the same time students will understand their own composing process (Shih, 1986). Writing itself has four steps. The first step is planning. In this first step the writer has to make plan before start the writing. Planning could be done by brainstorming, mind mapping, making list and so on. Moreover, in this step the writer also has to consider about the purpose, audience and content structure. The second step is drafting. In drafting, the writer starts to write the plan that he/she has made in the first step. The third is editing...
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