Issues In Multicultural Education 2

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Issues in Multicultural Education
Several educational issues occur here in Los Angeles. Numerous students come from communities of immigrant families. These families generally have low-incomes and have limited resources. Additionally, the majority of these students derive from families that are unfamiliar with the American education structure. These neighborhoods commonly have high rates of illiteracy and crime. These are some of the major issues that surround students in these communities. There is an immediate need for English language support. One of the reasons for the need of support is that students are struggling to compete academically with their white counterparts. This essay will address funding for these types of programs, implementation programs that help to solve literacy issues that affect L.A.U.S.D. students, and also the expected outcomes. The funding for these programs will come from $550 million provided by the state of California and $140 million received from federal funds. This means my school could potentially benefit from a state and federal grant to start a literacy enrichment program. An additional source of funding is reliant on economic-stimulus money to keep these programs afloat. Funding is also needed to train and retain personnel to run these literacy programs. The way that the programs work is by co-managing from two offices. These offices work in partnership and are the Office of the Mayor and the Operations Office of the school’s district. The funding can be obtained by applying for a Title One grant in conjunction with economic-stimulus money. In order to receive this money my school needs to be found in a region of economic necessity, at risk to crime, and with proof of low-level student test scores. The main goal of the implementation of these programs is to address various social and educational obstacles. The way to deal with the implementation of a literacy program is through an after school program. To begin the...

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