Importance of Reading

Topics: Writing, A Great Way to Care, Decision making Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Importance of reading and writing
In my home country of Pakistan, the literacy rate for men and women is 60% and 40% respectively. People over there use newspapers for all sorts of activities except reading. They use it to dry themselves after taking a bath, as a mat to eat food on, to cover them when it’s raining and also to make toys out of them. Since most people do not know how to reads the news, people don’t know what is happening in their own country and how their own government is spending all the money on themselves rather than for the betterment of the country. Without such crucial knowledge, they support the government no matter what happens, and end up suffering in the process. Reading is an important tool for the development of a person. It tells you what’s going on around you. It makes you stay on track about the situation in your own and other countries. It makes your business decisions easier after carefully analyzing the markets when you read about them. Basically, it keeps you informed. Reading also helps you in your professional life. As a finance major, I have to read a lot of different papers to help me in making my decisions. It is a necessary tool to gain success in one’s professional life. Without reading you can’t understand the market and make predictions. This is also important in any career field as it enables one to follow directions effectively in carrying out normal tasks and handling complex equipment. Furthermore, reading is also a good form of entertainment. It makes you forget about the world and takes you into a whole new world of imagination. Your mind opens up and your become more creative. It is a great way to make good use of your time. It improves your vocabulary and communication skills, and is also an affordable source of entertainment, free from any need of electrical input. Writing has helped me make important decisions of my life. One of the most important decisions that I had to make was when my father passed away....
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