Importance of Literacy

Topics: Literacy, Functional illiteracy, Reading Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: April 22, 2012
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20, Oct. 2011
Importance of Literacy
Literacy is the ability to think critically and understand what is being read. Illiteracy is a major problem in our society today. Without the ability to read, we cannot perform many common duties, some of which include driving, identifying medicine dosages, cooking, and teaching our children. Being literate is necessary for making an impact on today’s society.

To be successful in today’s society, it is a requirement to become literate. We have to be able to read every day in our society. Without being literate, we cannot move forward in our day-to-day lives, or perform day-to-day activities such as driving. Driving a motor vehicle requires reading. Illiterate drivers would not be able to read signs on the road. Although they could remember pictures, if they do not know how to read, they would not be able to read street signs to know where they are. This could lead to a driver being lost or even a car accident. Also, in the state of Oklahoma, for example, students are required to pass the eighth grade reading test in order to obtain a driver’s permit. So have we as a state, not said that we expect our drivers to read at least on an eighth grade level? Car insurance would also be a problem for the illiterate. Without being able to read the requirements about car insurance they could get fined or have their license revoked. An illiterate person would not understand the importance of insurance or be able to evaluate different insurance companies. Our society requires us to be able to read and understand important documents such as, eviction notices, monetary statements, and job applications. Without being able to read these statements we could lose our homes. Without being able to read a job application one cannot expect to get a job. Few employers will hire someone without a resume. Without being able to read we would not be able to complete a resume. Without having a job we would not be able to...
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