How to Improve Reading Deficency Among a Group of Grade 2 Students

Topics: Active listening, Hearing, Literacy Pages: 13 (3965 words) Published: January 12, 2013
This Action Research sought to investigate whether the use of the Direct Listening Thinking Activity (DLTA) and the Listening Skills Rubric (LSR) Listening strategies could be used to improve listening skills among a group of Grade two students.

A study/ Project Presented to the Mico University College in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement for Bachelor of Education Degree in Language and Literacy

Tryphene Bryan
Mico University College

Approval Page
This study was submitted by Tryphene Bryan under the supervision of the person listed below. It was submitted to the Language and Literacy Department and approved in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science at the Mico University College.

_______________________________ _________________ V. Pitter Date Supervisor

________________________________ __________________ Denver Holt
Programme Coordinator Date

_________________________________ __________________ Franklyn Bennett Date Dean of Continuing studies

I wish to thank the following persons who without their assistance, this action research project would not have been made possible. I must extend gratitude to The Mico University College for offering this course; Reflective Practicum. It has helped me significantly to execute my job in an effective and efficient manner. It helps me to reflect on not only my profession but to a wider extend such as my personal life. Thanks to my family for their support and understanding during this period of studies, especially my daughter Lana who assisted me with the gathering of information and the typing of the final product. Thanks to my study partners: Lisa, Kelly and, Fashcelle who gave me much needed guidance and moral support. Special thanks to Mr. Williams for proof reading my research and ensuring that it is grammatically correct. Thanks to my supervisor Mrs. V. Pitter who worked acidulously with me on an ongoing basis. Mrs. Melodene Davy, she was instrumental in assisting me with the necessary resources to successfully complete this research. Thanks to my principal, Mrs. Ewbanks for allowing me the necessary time to pursue my studies. Thanks to Ms. E. Hazel, a dear friend who is always encouraging me to be resilience and complete what I have started. Her words of encourage inspirations were “Hard work and determination will conquer all”.

Tryphene Bryan, 2012: Research Study, The Mico University College, B.Ed. Programme in Language and Literacy. This Practicum was designed to assist teachers in improving the listening skills of their students. The aim was to get teachers involve in using the DL- TA and LSR strategies in the teaching and learning process. The researcher executed an implementation plan, which focused on using the DL- TA and the LSR listening strategies in the Language Arts classroom. These strategies were employed using hands on activities. An analysis of data indicated that students listening skills have improved slightly; however the time was limited and would have seen better results if it was extended.

Chapter 1

The researcher is a grade two teacher at the Shortwood Primary Infant and Junior High...
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