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Topics: China, Source, Literacy Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Mao started introducing reforms even before the communist completely overtook China, in aims to help the Chinese. For this essay, China will be defined as the majority, the peasants. With this being the case, the sources do agree with the statement; sources A, D and H support the statement while source J does not.

Source B supports the statement. Source B depicts a lower class Chinese family celebrating the New Year in 1949. They are gathered around a table getting ready to have a meal, with smiles on their faces. This shows that the lower class were happy as they had enough food in to eat during their celebrations. The provenance also stated that their "soil" had "been returned" It can be inferred that the depicted family had food to eat because of the introduced agricultural reform- land to grow their crops. Therefore, Source B shows that hunger and the scarcity of food did indeed get alleviated when Mao introduced his reforms in 1949. Source B proves to be reliable, cross referencing with contextual knowledge where Mao shared out land between peasants, and that the amount of food production increased after Mao's reforms were introduced, depicted in the source where the family had food to eat. All in all, Source B supports the statement as it shows that hunger was reduced.

Source D supports the statement. Source D depicts a boy teaching his father how to write a Chinese character. His mother and younger sister are also in the background wearing 'modern' clothes. This shows that children in China were receiving education and in turn were teaching their parents what they learnt. Source D shows that the educational reforms Mao carried out were successful in raising the literacy rate. The family depicted in the source have a considerably high standard of living. This can be inferred from the clothes worn which are not old or tattered and the modern looking cement house. Thus, Source D shows that the reforms improved the standard of living in the...
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