Gender Inequalities

Topics: Gender, Human Development Index, Literacy Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Gender Investigation
"Gender inequalities exist"
1. Adult literacy rate
As the first indicator of gender inequalities to prove that it is present throughout the world I chose adult literacy rate. In developing countries women have less chance to get basic education as men, so this indicator clearly shows the differences between genders. As we can see on the graph, where adult literacy rate of women(Graph1) and men (Graph2) are compared to the income per person of the country, the biggest inequalities are present in Sub-Saharan(dark blue dots) and South Asian (light blue dost) countries. The male graph shows that in 2007 the lowest literacy rate was in Burkina Faso and Chad with around 40%, while the worst female literacy rates were recorded in the same countries with around 20%, which is only the half of the male literacy rates. These data clearly support the statement that gender gap exists.

Gapminder 2007 Statistics: Literacy rate adult female % of females aged 15 and above Gapminder 2007 Statistics: Literacy rate adult male % of females aged 15 and above 2. Ratio of young literate females to males (% ages 15-24) The following graph shows the ratio of young literate females to males is the percentage of literate females to males ages 15-24. From the data from 2007 we can observe that mainly in Sub-Saharan African countries (dark blue dots) and in some of the South Asian countries (light blue dots) are considerable disparities between literate women and men. In middle-income and high-income countries such as Europe and Central Asia (orange), East Asia (red) or America (yellow) the literacy rates are relatively equal with values moving around 100%. Although in many countries literate women and men are balanced, there are still countries, such as Ethiopia with 60% that need to develop to eliminate gender inequalities.

3. Gender income ratio by country
Gender income ratio is commonly used to describe the income differences between...
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