Ethical Behavior in Business

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Ethical Behavior in Business

Ethical Behavior in Business
Ethical behavior refers to behaviors that are appropriate. Ethical behaviors are based on morals. An ethical behavior is considered the right way to behave. It involves selecting the right from wrong. People have to conform to the standards set by the organization by choosing what is right and what is wrong. Business ethics is a kind of applied ethics or professional ethics that is aimed at examining the ethical principles and moral problems that result in the business environment. Business ethics is applicable in all aspects of business conduct and it is related to the conduct of individual employees in the organization and the overall organization. In businesses today managing ethical behavior has become a very tough and complex task for some organizations. Employee’s decisions to behave ethically or unethically are influenced by the individual and their situational factors. Ethics can affect the well being of employees and their performances. When employees are affected with ethical issues, the organization takes a slow production of products and decrease in the product’s quality. (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2009). If the employees are happy, satisfied, and dedicated they will take very good care of the customers. Organizations should ensure all employees in the organization including managers; executives are part of the organization so as to achieve high ethical standards. Hence, ethical behaviors can exist in business if the organizations make employees part of the organization and also the organization. This ensures employees are able to do the right thing. The organizations should learn to communicate the organizations objectives and actions via corporate cultures that encourage ethical behaviors that benefit the organization, employees and customers. Ethical behaviors do not exist in most of the organizations. Ethical behaviors and business are directly related. A business is supposed to encourage ethical business practices in order to attain Ethical Behavior in Business

their goals. Business has developed ethical code of conducts to guide the business and their employees when carrying out their duties. The code ensure business promote legal standards and moral standards when dealing with their customers and other stakeholders. Ethical behaviors determine the success of a business. Businesses that have ethical behaviors perform well unlike businesses that do not have them. This is because they are able to retain their customers and work with other stakeholders in attaining organizational goals (Barlett &Preston, 2000). Organizational behavior covers many topics and cannot be narrowed down to one. By learning organizational behavior a person can have a knowledgeable platform to expand his or her career potential in the dynamically shifting of workplaces in today’s job market. When individuals come together to reach goals, a group is formed, and the group is formed into an organization. In the organization each person brings culture, different behaviors, and diversity. Managers have the responsibility of communicating to employees, customers, and others which is a sense of uniqueness for an organization and its products and services. In order to communicate effectively, managers must understand each worker’s behavior and culture. Organizational behavior occurs when someone studies humans and their behavior in an organization. Organizational behavior is a discipline used to understand the three levels of analysis: individual or group behavior, interpersonal processes, and organizational dynamics. Organizational behavior main goal is to improve organizations and the workers performance. An organization that works together and is dedicated to the improvement and empowerment of the business can change in the global world. The opportunity for a business to flourish is centered on having an effective...

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