Essentials of Management Information Science, 8th Edition Essay Answers

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Problem solving Pages: 2 (345 words) Published: August 9, 2012
Essay Answers for Ch: 1

1.| Provide an overview of the six business objectives of information systems. | |
| These are: Achieve operational excellence through higher levels of efficiency and productivity; create new products, services and business models; increase customer and supplier intimacy that can reduce costs and increase profits; improve decision making for employees and managers; increase the competitive advantage of a firm; ensure the firm survives in a changing environment.| |

2.| Explain the difference between computer literacy and information literacy. | |
| |
| Computer literacy narrowly focuses on the use of computer hardware and software to process raw data. Information literacy includes a broader awareness of how information technology combined with behavioral approaches can be used to solve business problems and create information that is useful to the business and its employees.| | |

3.| Briefly describe how information systems influence organizations, people, and technology. | |
| |
| Information systems help organizations formalize their business processes and culture. People who understand how to operate information systems are necessary as are people who can understand how to use the information from the system to achieve business objectives. Technology provides the foundation upon which a business can build its information system.| | |

4.| Outline the four steps of the problem-solving process. | |
| |
| The first step is to properly and fully identify the problem as it relates to the organization, its people, and technology. The second step involves designing a solution that integrates new technologies with changes in organization and people. The third step, choosing the solution, must consider the costs, feasibility, and time required to implement the choice. The fourth step, implementation, often involves change management for the organization, its people, and technology.| |...
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