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1.1 Background of Study
This project is to find the assessment of computer literacy among secondary school science teacher in Iru-Victoria Island Local Government Area.

Today, throughout the whole world, computer literacy is the first step for any individual who wants to do anything with computer. From all works of life, there is hardly any area where computer knowledge is not important.

This is very correct, especially in the advanced system of education where computer literacy plays great roles from the beginning to the end of the educational structure. Today, computer literacy has really drawn the attentions of millions of people. This is because of the fact that virtually all human terrain now requires the knowledge of the computer.

This is evident mostly in the areas of employment of labour all over the globe where every vacant position requires computer literacy as an addition. In fact, it is a very important requirement. According to Lucky (2008), some research have shown that by the year 2025 about 85% of the world population will be able to acquire a household computer just like television in families all over the world.

We live in a postmodern society, where information is considered to be an extremely valuable commodity. Those who control important information, or who simply know how to access and use it, are the key players in the information-based economy Simmon (2009). He further argued that, computer literacy and the skills that can be built there from are essential to one’s effectiveness in modern societies, not just in our working lives, but in the way we learn, manage our finances, and improve our standard of living. When it comes to teaching and learning, Computers can be an incredible tool, especially when the learners have access to data stored on CD-ROMs or the Internet. They can use a PC (Personal Computer) to access vast knowledge bases on almost any topic, search archives of information dating back decades, ask questions online and even take online courses. So it is important to have a basic understanding of computer, regardless of one’s career choice or aspiration. To this question, Webopedia (2009) says it is the level of expertise and familiarity someone has with computers. It generally refers to the ability to use applications rather than to programme. Individuals who are computer literate are called power users. Lombardi (1983) says computer literacy is a two buzz word of our time. This two- word concept appears in popular magazines, catalogs of our educational institutions and in the learned columns of professional journals. It can mean anything. To the elementary school teachers and parents it means familiarity with the computer and the ability to turn it on and off without damaging the machine.

For a computer science teacher in a university, computer literacy may mean the ability to programme in at least three computer languages, understand the elements of computer architecture and the fundamentals of Boolean logic. Computer literacy is all of these things and every other thing in between. It starts with computer appreciation which starts from knowing the common things of the computer, like its components, central processing units, visual display unit, keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc; switching it on and off, working around with the packages like Microsoft- word, excel, outlook, etc; power point and other basic knowledge; work and produce out puts or results–typing, browsing, sending mails, etc. The next question is: ‘Computer literacy for what purpose?’ for whom?

Computer Literacy means the ability to recognize problems for which the computer may be a useful part of the solution. OZO-CHINAILFE (2005) sees the phrase “Computer Literacy” as knowledge about computer software and hardware knowing...
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