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Essay Topic: Computer Literacy/ Computer Education -Is Computer Literacy Becoming The Need Of Today? The modern age is the age of computers. Computers provide the wide range of education and executive software. Information technology has achieved a great success. Use of computers is widely spread. It is used for storing, analyzing, and distributing information. It has created a great revolution. It has proved a miraculous development in almost every field. These days, computers are used almost everywhere. Computers are widely used in satellites, aircrafts, space crafts, banks, airline offices, government offices, business establishments, making reservations in the large organizations, schools, hospitals, railway stations, airports, searching the Internet for information and many other corporations. With the introduction of computers, the development in India seems to be gaining rapid momentum. It is becoming an inseparable part of development. Computer offers the opportunity for lot of creativity and scope for innovations. The computerization has given benefits by making our life more livable. With the advancement of technology, the demand of computer literates is increasing day by day. Computer Literacy is becoming an essential skill these days. Employers want their workers to have basic computer skills as the companies are becoming more dependent on computers. A lot of companies try to use computers to help run their companies faster and cheaper. So, it is becoming necessary to gain knowledge and learn computers and need to be computer literate. Computer Literacy can be defined as the knowledge and ability to use computers and technology efficiently. Or we can say that Computer Literacy is the ability to operate the computer and to understand the language used in working with a specific system. Computer courses are a good option to be learnt. A person must learn computer fundamentals and computer basics to cope with the advancement in technology. There are various computer training centers in various parts of our country which helps a person to learn and understand the basics of the computer. These days, computers are also a part of education. Computers are used in schools for many applications. Computer is also one of the subjects taught in the schools to the students which is a good thing so that they remain in touch with the latest computer hardware and software information. Many of the schools provide separate computer labs to the students to help them through the practical as they gain more knowledge and confidence to use it. It is also very much necessary keeping your computer skills up to date so as to be in a lifelong process of computers since the technology is constantly evolving. Computers are taking place of the typewriters because of their ability to duplicate and retain information and ease of editing. Computers are also replacing pens and papers too. Various computer literacy programs are also run in different areas of the country. Computer training is becoming a kind of neccessity. In many of the places the computer basics include the learning of Computer Microsoft word-processing, spreadsheets, databases, networking and the internet. These days, online learning is also given. So,in today’s modern age, computerization is gaining momentum and computer literacy is a good option to grasp a good job in different organizations. Essay Topic: Computer Literacy/ Computer Education -Is Computer Literacy Becoming The Need Of Today?

Essay on the Television Advertising
by Smriti Chand Business
There is considerable controversy over television advertising. According to some, it is the best selling medium ever invented. It is a means of bringing actual demonstration into the homes of the prospect and is therefore a more effective medium even when compared with the radio. Of course it would be a very expensive advertising medium and would certainly exclude the small advertiser.

In India the first...
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