Egyption Revolution

Topics: Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, Gaza Strip Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: August 17, 2013
Kelsey Wallen

The country of Egypt is located between Libya and the Gaza strip in Northern Africa. Egypt has been experiencing a revolution and chaos has broken out over the many problems in the country. The largest problem with Egypt is overpopulation, with 85,294,388 people living there. Along with the overpopulation issues, limited resources, high fertility rate, and bad literacy rates are just added hurdles that this country needs to clear. The revolution in Egypt is rather chaotic. Riots and public anger are taking place in the already wild country. This situation is caused by many problems that the people are facing, like overpopulation, limited water resources, and bad literacy rates. The largest problem at the moment is overpopulation, with approximately 85 people per square kilometer, (refer to figure 1). Hosni Mubarak, the former President of Egypt, believed in and supported population control, (Joe Guzzardi, Lodi News). This was somewhat surprising, considering Egypt's population had doubled since he took office. In addition to this, there are limited renewable water resources. Egypt only gets around a mere 3 inches of rainfall annually, which also leaves a lack of fertile land. Although Egypt's amount of water isn't as low as Sudan's, there are many more people living in Egypt, making it difficult to meet the entire population's needs, (refer to figure 2). There is only about 57.3 cubic kilometers of renewable water to support Egypt's humongous population of 85,294,388 people. Another large problem in Egypt is the low literacy rate, (refer to figure 3). Again, it isn't as low as Sudan's but it's still rather low. Also, Sudan and Egypt are neighboring countries, and their low literacy rates may be connected somehow. These are just few of Egypt's issues, and there are many more that are adding to the total stress of this revolution. The situation of overpopulation in Egypt could be hard to fix. There are many things that could fix it, but...

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