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Kylie Lombardo
Professor Walsh
Rhetoric & Writing I
February 18, 2014

Many famous, intelligent and influential people speak publicly about the subject of education. Jean Anyon said, “Schoolwork helps one to achieve, to excel, to prepare for life”(175). Education is a very controversial subject during these times. Although it has improved tremendously over the years, there are still countless flaws in the system. Since having a good education leads to better opportunities, every parent wants their child to receive the best education that they possibly could. The problem is that education is actually different throughout the world. It is taught and carried out differently based on the amount of money the child’s family has and where the child lives in perspective of the school. Wealthy children do not have a problem being able to attend a high-class school while children that are not wealthy struggle to be able to learn the same way. Even though education is taught differently to certain children, there are ways for everyone to learn the same key characteristics that lead to success. In order for children to get good jobs and earn a substantial amount of money, they need to learn to have the ability to think independently, be able to apply ideas and concepts, and have a creative mind; but since not all schools teach this, parents and teachers play the biggest role in teaching them.

There are numerous different skills that lead to success, having the ability to think independently being one of the most important. Children need to be able to think independently in order to think about the question asked, form an opinion, and come to an answer. Without an independent mind, a child will rely on others to come up with opinions and answers for them. In the long run, they will not be able to speak their own opinions or do their own work because they never had to do it before. An independent mind should be taught at an early age in order for children to always be used to coming up with answers and ways to come up with the answers without someone doing it for them. Once children grow up, they will need to have an independent mind, not only in order to apply to college and jobs, but also in every other aspect of their lives. According to Jean Anyon’s experiences at four different kinds of schools, this skill is only taught in half of them, the affluent professional and executive elite schools. ”The products of work in this class are often written stories, editorials and essays, or representation of ideas in mural, graph, or craft form. The products of work should not be like everybody else’s and show individuality”(Anyon 172). Teachers in the high-class schools teach their students to think independently by assigning different projects in order to challenge their minds and by making sure that every student’s project is different. The students benefit from having to do a different kind of project for each assignment because it teaches them how to use every part of their brain, not just one side of it. Using all parts of the brain will become an important aspect when it comes to getting a job later in a child’s life.

Unfortunately, every student does not learn this way. In the working-class and middle-class schools, teaching students how to develop an independent mind is not a part of their curriculum. Although the school as a whole does not teach this skill, students still have the ability to learn it from their family and teachers. A child is highly influenced by their family member’s actions. Since they are around them the most, children tend to develop the actions of their family. This means that if a child’s family sets up good examples and causes their child to think independently, the child most likely will end up thinking independently. The more involved the parents are with their child’s life, the more the child will benefit in the long run. According to Alice Drinkworth, “Children with involved parents have...
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