Educating a Girl

Topics: States and territories of India, Infant mortality, Multiple choice Pages: 11 (1689 words) Published: June 30, 2013

Lakdfyr ijh{kk&I SOCIAL SCIENCE / Lkekftd foKku Class – X / &X Time allowed: 3 hours fu/kkZfjr le; % 3 ?k.Vs General Instructions: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi)


Maximum Marks: 80 vf/kdre vad % 80

The question paper has 36 questions in all. All questions are compulsory. Marks are indicated against each question. Questions from serial number 1-16 are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). Each question carries one mark. Questions from serial number 17 to 31 are 3 marks questions. Answer of these questions should not exceed 80 words each. Questions from serial number 32 to 35 are 4 marks questions. Answer of these questions should not exceed 100 words each. Question number 36 is a map question of 3 marks from Geography only. After completion, attach the map inside your answer book.

lkekU; funsZ”k % (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) bl iz”u i= esa dqy 36 iz”u gSaA izR;sd iz”u vfuok;Z gSA izR;sd iz”u ds lkeus mlds vad fy[ks gq, gSaA iz”u la[;k 1 ls 16 rd cgqfodYih; iz”u gSaA izR;sd iz”u 1 vad dk gSA iz”u la[;k 17 ls 31 rd izR;sd iz”u 3 vad dk gSA izR;sd iz”u dk mRrj 80 “kCnksa ls vf/kd ugha gksuk pkfg,A iz”u la[;k 32 ls 35 rd izR;sd iz”u 4 vad dk gSA izR;sd iz”u dk mRrj 100 “kCnksa ls vf/kd ugha gksuk pkfg,A iz”u la[;k 36 dsoy Hkwxksy ls ekufp= lEcU/kh 3 vad dk iz”u gSA ekufp= ij mRrj fy[kus ds ckn bldks viuh mRrj iqfLrdk ds vUnj j[k dj cka/k nhft,A

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Which one of the following groups of countries were known as „Allies‟ ? (a) (c) Germany, Japan and Italy. India, Britain and Italy. (b) (d) Britain, France and Russia. None of the above.


(a) (c)

(b) (d) OR

Industrial revolution refers to : (a) (c) (a) (c) Mass Production by factories Process of Raw material (b) (d) (b) (d) Collection of raw material None of these

OR When was the very first section of the underground railway in world opened ? (a) 10 Jan 1860 (b) 10 Jan 1861 (c) 10 Jan 1862 (d) 10 Jan 1863 (a) (c) 2. 10 10 1860 1862 (b) (d) 10 10 1861 1863 1 (b) (d) In 1930 In 1932

When did the Great Depression begin ? (a) (c) In 1929 In 1931

(a) (c)

1929 1931

(b) (d)

1930 1932 OR in 1730s in 1750s .

When did the earliest factories come up in England ? (a) (c) in 1720s in 1740s (b) (d)

(a) (c)

1720 1740

(b) (d)

1730 1750 OR Page 2 of 11

Who wrote the book “The Bitter Cry of Out Caste London” in the 1880s ? (a) (c) 1880 (a) (c) (b) (d) Andrew Mearns T E Turner (b) (d) Rowlandson None of the above


The circulation of handwritten manuscripts remained limited because : (a) (b) (c) (d) they were fragile and awakward to handle they could not be carried around they could not be read easily all the above


(a) (b) (c) (d) OR Who among the following is considered the pioneer of modern Hindi literature? (a) (c) Bharatendu Harishchandra Premchand (b) (d) Devaki Nandan Khatri Srinivas Das

(a) (c)

(b) (d)


Which of the following is an Enlightenment thinker whose writings are said to have created conditions for a revolution in France ? (a) Louise Sebastin Mercier (b) Rousseau (c) Mennochio (d) Gutenberg Page 3 of 11


(a) (c)

(b) (d)

OR Who was the author of the novel „Anandmatha „ ? (a) Rabindranath Tagore (b) Bhudeb Mukhopadhyaya (c) Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya (d) Chandu Menon (a) (b) (c) (d) 5. Resources which are found in a region but have not been utilised are called : (a) (c) (a) (c) 6. developed resources International resources (b) (d) (b) (d) 1 stock potential resources 1

Name the state in which Corbett National Park is located. (a) (c) (a) (c) Uttarakhand Assam (b) (d) (b) (d) West Bengal Madhya Pradesh


How much of the earth surface is covered with water ? (a) About 1/4 (b) About 1/2 (c) About 3/4 (d) Aoubt 2/3 (a) (c) 1/4 3/4 (b) (d) 1/2 2/3



Which of the following is a leguminous crop? (a) (c) Pulses Jowar (b) (d) Cotton Maize Page 4 of 11


(a) (c)

(b) (d)


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