Does Mythology Exist Today

Topics: Communication, Future, Mythology Pages: 1 (385 words) Published: August 19, 2008
Do Myth Exist Anymore

Do myth exist today? After reading the first three chapters of The Power of Myth and remembering a class that I took several years ago, I think they still exist or should I say that we are all part of some future mythology. It will require a careful eye or a creative ear to point them out because of the direction our society has went with the machine. My understanding is that a myth is a type of speech. Speech of this kind has a message to share but by no means is it confined to oral speech, it’s a way of communicating. The language of a myth needs special conditions in order to become a myth. This may present a challenge in the future. The message may come across in modes of writing or of representation, photography, cinema, reporting, sport, shows, or even publicity. All these can serve as a support for mythical speech. So “why” do I feel that it will take a careful eye to pin point a myth. For decades, social scientists and technologists have alternatively predicted the emergence of “computer kids” or the “Internet Generation”. This relates to children, teenagers, and young adults who have been immersed in digital technology and the digital way of thinking since their conception. This new generation knows everything that their parents do not when it comes to technology. They have learned quickly how to type, partake in electronic communications, and are able to rapidly figure out how all this stuff works. They are called “computer literate” and view society as something to be mastered and hacked, not something that they need to fit inside. The point that seems to have escaped in society is these children will never be able to communicate with each other verbally or put their thoughts in writing. They do not build their vocabulary with new and more difficult works. They have learned to abbreviate every work in order to save time and speed communicating up. They will never take the time to memorize poetry or...
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