Do Celebrities Have a Responsibility to Use Their Status to Improve the World? Article Essay

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Courtney Wishop
English 098, Fundamentals of Writing
Article Essay Assignment one

Do Celebrities Have A Responsibility To
Use Their Status To Improve The World? Why or Why Not

I feel that all celebrities have a responsibility to use their status to improve the world. For it is the world that provides them with their means of living. They can help save many lives. Their status is a stewardship in the eyes of the religious people of the world.

Throw tickets sales to shows to even buying Cd’s or a t-shirt the people of the world provide them with their means of living. If no one supported them or help them they would not be where they are today. They may be the one in needed. Anything can happen and they may have to depend on someone kindness to eat,have clothes and even have clean water. If they did not have the support of the people they would have to find a way to make a living some would fail with out their support. So I feel that they have a responsibility to give back.

They can help save lives by making sure families in Africa have a five dollar net to protect their children from getting bit by a mosquito that has malaria. Malaria is one of the three major killers in Africa along with Aids and tuberculosis six million die every year from these illness. They can help with hunger and malnutrition by giving to food banks. They can donate their time to help build houses,churches and schools. They can make a way to get care to those we can get it themselves. They can get treatment for the illnesses that can kill. They can even help cure some of these illness. So they can save many lives by just showing that they care and give back to the people that help them be who they are. We all need help sometimes So just help. 2

In a church their status is used as a stewardship. It is when god gives you something for you to use for the rest of the world. Such as when god gives the pastor the word to share with the people....
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