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The purpose of the Financial Literacy Promotion Project is to provide an opportunity for the chapter members to demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed in planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating a campaign to educate chapter members and the general public or an organized group about the importance of financial literacy. To be financially literate, one must be able to confidently read, analyze, and manage their personal finances to lead more secure and satisfying lives. The most basic areas include banking (managing checking and savings accounts), budgeting, and setting and implementing financial goals (short term to retirement). To set and obtain financial goals, one must have a working knowledge of investment instruments, borrowing, and insurance. Further, financial literacy includes an understanding of employment benefits, taxes, and other payroll deduction options. Maintaining good credit can save an individual a significant sum of money in interest savings, insurance premiums, and may even affect one’s ability to secure employment. The Financial Literacy Promotion Project is a chapter project that develops the economic and marketing knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in a global economy. After learning the economic principles associated with financial literacy, chapter members will utilize their marketing knowledge and skills to communicate the benefits of financial literacy to others. The project may begin at any time after the close of the previous chartered association conference and run to the beginning of the next chartered association conference. The Financial Literacy Promotion Project provides an opportunity for chapter members to • demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of financial literacy • engage in activity(ies) that clarify and enhance understanding of financial literacy • plan and implement a presentation or activity(ies) to educate and promote financial literacy to organized groups and/or the general public


• The project consists of two major parts: the writtendocument and an oralpresentation by chapter representatives. The written document will account for 60 points and the oral presentation will account for the remaining 40 of the total 100 points. This is a project for the entire DECA chapter. Onetothree chapter representatives may participate in the oral presentation. All chapter representatives must present the project to the judges. Each chapter representative must respond to questions. The body of the written entry must be limited to 30numberedpages, including the appendix (if an appendix is attached), but excluding the title page and the table of contents. The WrittenEventStatementofAssurances must be signed and submitted with the entry. Do not include it in the page numbering. The chapter representatives may bring all visual aids to the event briefing. Only approved visual aids may be used during the presentation. The oral presentation may be a maximum 15 minutes in length. The first 10 minutes will include an explanation and description of the project followed by 5 minutes for the judge’s questions. The judge will evaluate the presentation, focusing on the effectiveness of public speaking and presentation skills and how well the chapter representatives respond to questions that the judge may ask during the 5 minutes following the presentation.

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Chapter representatives will demonstrate knowledge and skills needed to address the components of the project as described in the content outline and evaluation forms. Participants will also develop many 21st century skills desired by today’s employers. 21st century skills are grouped into broad categories including: Communication and Collaboration Creativity and Innovation Critical Thinking and Problem Solving...

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