Cyp Unit 51 Outcome 4

Topics: Laptop, Data Protection Act 1998, Childhood Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Unit 51: Outcome 4

Confidentiality involves trust. If trust is not gained, then it is highly likely that information will be shared. Confidentiality is about controlling the spread of information by anyone working with children or young people. Unless in exceptional circumstances e.g. a child is at risk from harm, should personal information be discussed. Personal information must only be disclosed with the permission of the person concerned or parents/carers and to others who have a professional need to know. This complies with law on Data Protection Act 1998 as well as laid out in Child Protection and Safeguarding. The Data Protection Act covers both paper based and electronic records and is designed to prevent confidential and personal information from being passed on without a person’s consent.

Everyone has a fundamental right to privacy. As a childcare professional I have a duty to protect the children in my care and their families by making sure that the information I know about them is kept private and confidential and only passed on if absolutely necessary. Within my setting policies and procedures are in place which I adhere to. Written in our confidentiality policy is the Preschool’s confidentiality statement which states:

“You are required to preserve the confidentiality of the affairs of the children, their parents, the staff and all other matters connected with the Preschool. This obligation should continue even after the contract of employment has ended. You should understand that any breech of this clause will constitute a serious disciplinary action for which you may be dismissed. Should you breech this clause after your employment has ended with the Preschool we will be at liberty to take action against you”.

Parents are also informed about confidentiality when they visit the Preschool and the information is reinforced within the parent pack and the operational plan which is always available for parents to view at any time....
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