Computer Literacy: Important Skills to Access Information

Topics: Literacy, Information literacy, Multimedia literacy Pages: 25 (8359 words) Published: March 21, 2010
Computer literacy: Important Skills to Access Information.


This year millions of children and adults will be subjected to computer literacy education. Yet this new computer literacy movement has little or no basis in research or philosophy. The concepts of ‘information literacy’ and ‘computer literacy’ are described, and reviewed, by way of a literature survey. Related concepts, including computer literacy, library literacy, children literacy, and Internet literacy are also discussed. After a general introduction, the paper begins with the basic concept of ‘literacy’, and ‘information’, which is then expanded to include newer forms of literacy, more suitable for complex information environments. Some of these, for example library, media and computer literacy, are based largely on specific skills, but have some extension beyond them. They lead to general concepts, such as information literacy and computer literacy, which are based on knowledge, perceptions and attitudes, though reliant on the simpler skills-based literacy. While this paper is focus on computer literacy, but the content are more on overview of literacy it self and also the important skills to access information.

1. Introduction

Information and technologies are belonging together. Without these two things, people may not get new information in every where they go. Information literacy is a concept that has evolved as a result of recent efforts to move technology based instruction and research to a level above the long held concepts previously associated with computer literacy. The focus of information literacy education being the development of students abilities to construct collect and analyze information in a way that provides the basis use for effective decision making.

Computer literacy exists a long time a go. It is important to have skills using computer. For business educators computer literacy has long been a topic of interest and research. The 1990's began a concentration of study that has continued for almost twenty years as researchers studied the impact of technology on both students' education and employment .More recently, researchers have returned to this area of study as the concept of technological literacy has continued to evolve with current research being focused on the changing nature of computer literacy .

Some researchers now contend that the very concept of computer literacy has become dated and that the emphasis of current educational and research efforts should be shifted toward a focus on information literacy. Information literacy and computer literacy is two things that can collaborate together. While computer literacy was often focused primarily on technology based definitions, concepts and skills, the information literacy is much more oriented toward a higher-level set of concepts and abilities. Information literacy is more concerned with a student's or people ability to collect, analyze and utilize information gathered via the use of information technology and to use that information to make effective decisions.

The question then becomes not whether a student can simply manipulate technology to complete a given task, but whether that student make good decisions from the information now at hand. But sometimes, we do not know. How the effective current efforts convey these newly evolved information literacy concepts? There is a lot of opinion that we can get involve in computer and information literacy. What are actually computer literacy means?This paper starts with a brief summary of key initiatives concerning information literacy and computer literacy among level industries, students, people, and business and so on.

2. What is Computer Literacy?
Computer literacy is the knowledge and ability to use computers and technology efficiently. The pervasiveness of computers is continuing to grow at an outstanding rate. As companies become ever more dependent on technology, the value a potential...
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